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Times Have Changed For Cord-Cutters

Antenna For Watching Local tv

Cord-cutting today looks a heck of a lot different than it did back in 2010. Back then, forty bucks could go a long way! You could get home internet service ($30 per month), Netflix ($7.99 per month), and you could even throw in Hulu (which, at the time was free) and still have change left over.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find that the average cost for households with stand-alone internet service in the United States is $66 per month. Now add Hulu with live TV for $65 per month and Netflix, which just raised their subscription price again ($18 per month for the premium plan), and you’re at $149 before adding all the other fees and taxes.

Antenna For Watching Local tv

That’s shocking! Especially when you consider that the average bundle price for cable TV customers with discounts and other services is approximately $143 per month. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending more by piecing services together, a la carte style then you will by just signing up for a traditional cable tv plan.

Get An HD Antenna For Watching Live Local TV

So what options are there for someone who truly wants to cut the cord and save some money each month; without sacrificing quality entertainment?

Of course, you can use one of the free streaming platforms like Pluto TVNBC Peacock, and Xumo TV. This option works well for those who don’t mind watching an ad-supported mix of live and pre-recorded content,

But another option for watching live local tv that you may also want to consider is getting an HD antenna. This is by far the least expensive and easiest way to watch live tv including local news, weather, and sports. Many cord-cutters chose this option because the only out of pocket expense is the upfront purchase of the antenna.

Many of the major network affiliates like ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and more still broadcast their live programming over-the-air (OTA). This option will not work for everyone. But, if you have an antenna and you are within range, you can pick up the broadcast signal from these stations and watch live tv for free. 


  • Antennas are cheap (Starting around $10)
  • No internet needed
  • Free! No monthly fees
  • Easy setup
  • No installation Fees (In most cases)


  • Limited or no channels available in certain areas
  • Poor reception occasionally

But, before you run out and buy an HD antenna for watching live local tv, click this link to visit The Antennas Direct Transmitter Locator Tool.

You can also visit AntennaWeb.org or TV Fool to see how many FREE over-the-air channels are available in your area. Just enter your address or ZIP Code below to find how many channels you can receive using an antenna.

After you’ve verified that there are enough free over-the-air channels available in your area, you can start shopping for the perfect antenna.

A few things to consider when shopping for an antenna to watch live local tv:

  • Do I want an indoor, outdoor, or attic antenna?
  • Use the Direct Transmitter Locator Tool to determine what range your antenna will need to cover the distance between you and your broadcast towers.
  • Find an antenna looks good. Should be easy to find one with a sleek design that blends in with your home theater.

Where To Shop:

Amazon – Indoor/Outdoor Antennas

Antennas Direct – Indoor/Outdoor

Best Buy – Indoor/Outdoor Antennas

You might also be interested in a DVR device to record local tv programs from your HD Antenna. That way, you’ll never miss a TV show or a big game again.

For More Information On DVR Devices

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