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Part 1 (Cord Cutting Guide): Why I Finally Decided To Cut The Cord

The Question – “What if I get rid of cable tv and just use apps like Netflix?

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Everyone has their own reasons, but this is my personal story of why I decided to cut the cord.

Not long ago, before I decided to cut the cord, I was spending $240 per month for satellite tv service. My plan had over 300 music and television channels, access to some on-demand content, a DVR to schedule and record broadcasts, and it included the monthly rental fees for the receiver boxes that were set up in each room.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit; it didn’t seem too bad at the time. Compared to similar plans, I was actually getting an awesome deal. Right? Wrong! As time moved on, I started realizing that not only am I’m paying $2,880 per year for channels that I never watch, but I’m also paying a pretty penny to the cable company for my internet with home phone bundle and to my wireless carrier for my mobile phone plan, which at the time didn’t offer unlimited data. That’s when I came to the conclusion that something had to change.

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However, effecting that change would prove to be easier said than done. Although I lived in a big city, my choices were limited. The only television service providers available in my area at the time were the satellite company that I was already using and the cable company that had exclusivity in my neighborhood. Both options were expensive and required lengthy contracts.

The “Cable Industry Monopoly”

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I felt trapped! The “cable industry” had a monopoly and there seemed to be no way around it. Until one day I thought to myself, “You know, that Netflix app is pretty remarkable!” After all, not only does it have great movies and some binge-worthy TV shows, but they also have original content. Moreover, since the app is available across multiple platforms like streaming devices, computers, smartphones, and tablets, I would no longer have to referee the shouting matches that took place on a nightly basis between my kids as they fought over what to watch.

“The Epiphany”

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Now some might call what happened next a “moment of clarity“; while others would say it’s nothing short of Devine intervention. But, whatever you call it, I, like so many others, had an epiphany and I asked myself a question that would change my life forever. The question – “What if I got rid of cable tv and just used a video-on-demand streaming app? It was at this moment that I officially became a “Cord-Cutter”

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