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Simple Streamz is the ultimate source for cord-cutters around the globe who want to stop paying ridiculously high satellite and cable TV prices for a bunch of channels that they rarely watch. This site is dedicated to providing you with useful information that will help you shop, compare, and find the perfect solution, at the right price.

Don’t Be Shy…

So, feel free to browse our site, click on the links, and make sure that you sign up for some of the free trial offers. That way, you can test out the services for free. If you like what you see; great, you can keep it. If not, then you walk away after the trial ends. Since it doesn’t cost you any money, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Cord Cutting Simulator

Tired of paying ridiculous prices for cable TV? If so, take a few minutes to answer a few questions in our Cord Cutter Simulator and see which cable alternative services are right for you.

Cord Cutting Guide

Have a look at our basic Cord Cutting Guide For Beginners. It has everything you need to know to effectively cut the cord and still watch your favorite shows, movies, news, weather, & sports

Simple Streamz Vlog

Check out our vlog to stay up-to-date with the latest streaming news. From new products and services to price plan changes and special offers. We’ve got the scoop to keep you in the loop!

Best Cable TV Alternatives For Cord Cutters

Ready to cut the cord and fire your cable company? If so, then click on the link below to check out our collection of the best cable tv alternatives on the market.

Free & Monthly Subscription Streaming Services

View our top picks of the most popular, low cost, and in some cases free apps and websites available for streaming your favorite movies and tv shows.

Best Options For VPN’s, Identity Protection, & Cyber Security

There are thousands of ways to invade your privacy & steal your identity, but only a few ways to protect yourself. Learn how to stay anonymous while online.

We do our best to keep the site up-to-date with the latest tech news, price plans, and special offers that we’re sure you don’t want to miss. So, make sure you bookmark our website, add it to your favorites, and check back regularly.

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